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 Municipality of Lemba


Lemba Communal Board is a public local government body in the district of Paphos, founded in 1976.  Lemba Communal Board is the policy-making body in its area of jurisdiction for a number of issues and policy areas defined by national law.

Lemba is a community of approximately 800 citizens. Because of its geographical position and its strong bond with nearby municipalities and communes like the Municipality of Paphos, the Municipality of Geroskipou, and the Communes of Chloraka, Emba and Kissonerga, the Commune of Lemba is often described as an influential stakeholder in the wider territory of Paphos. In addition, Lemba maintains close ties with European stakeholders, including local government bodies, research centres and other networks.

Community Identity
Since 1976 Lemba has been the site of ongoing archaeological excavations by the School of Archaeology of the University of Edinburgh. An Archaeology Research Centre also operates in the community. Lemba is also home to the Cyprus College of Art, founded by acclaimed Cypriot artist and art lecturer Stass Parashos, which has put the village on the international art scene map. The Cyprus College of Art was founded in 1969 and has two campuses: one in Lemba and one in the town of Larnaca. The government of the Republic of Cyprus has recently announced the decision to proclaim Lemba the first Cultural Village on the island.
Lemba has a primary school that it shares with the nearby Commune of Chloraka (Primary School of St. Stefanos Chloraka’s – Lemba’s, with a total of 250 students).

Communal Board: Mission
The Communal Board promotes social justice, quality of life, and environmental sensitivity within the community as three of the most important pillars for the period 2011-2014. Its role is that of policy making, policy implementation and public service provision in its area of jurisdiction.

 The Board has developed a strong administrative and management infrastructure that enables its efficiency and responsiveness to citizen needs. The Communal Board has the authority to promote, depending on its finances, a vast range of activities and events including the arts, education, sport and social services.

The Board is headed by its President and is divided into the following Thematic Committees: Management Committee, Executive Committee, Cultural Development, Social Affairs, Health and Environment , Town Planning, and School Board.

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